Enough is enough.

I predict this will be the most controversial piece I’ve ever written.  Nobody outside of the state of Alabama will care.  Nobody who lives here will agree.  But I’m going to write it anyway, even though I know I’m wasting my time and your cyberspace.

It’s time for The University of Alabama and Auburn University to stop playing each other in football every year.*

The level of rhetoric, the animosity, and the shear stupidity related to a game played by kids gets worse each year.  Campus landmarks destroyed.  Players receiving death threats for poor performance.  Shootings at after-game parties.  Friends and families pouting and feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys.

The solution is simple.  Auburn should move to the SEC East where they belong.  Missouri should move to the SEC West where they belong.  If Alabama wins the West and Auburn wins the East, the two will play for the title in Atlanta.  That won’t happen every year, but it will happen enough.  And more importantly (at least to me), the SEC Champion has a better chance of being from Alabama.

The two schools don’t have to play each other — they didn’t from 1907 to 1948.  The Alabama Legislature was instrumental in reviving the series. The reason they started back, and the reason they won’t stop now:  big money.  Retail, hotel, restaurant  — taxes.

But enough is enough.

*For the record (and lest you make assumptions), I attended the University of Alabama from 1980 to 1982.  I transferred to Auburn University and received a degree in 1985.  I am an Alabamian first and foremost, which means I like for both schools to succeed.